Moped Mayhem

Posted on 9th June 2015

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Day 3.

What a great day, Started in France, then zipped through Germany into Switzerland, then into Austria & the tiny country of Liechtenstein to see the chitty chitty bang bang castle & now we are back in Switzerland & Camped down for the night again, 300 miles done but enjoyed everyone of them.

Day 2.

Day 2 was much better, after s good nights sleep in the budget ibis, we set off at 10am. Glorious weather & if I’m honest too hot at times with a full face crash helmet protective gear.

We rode through France on some amazing roads, hairpin bends & little villages seeing the sights, our average speed was higher than I’d anticipated with us doing about 60mph most of the time, it’s a bank holiday weekend over in France & the roads were so, so quiet.

We eventually stopped to camp on the French German boarder village up the mountains called Ribeauville, luckily we set up camp before a typical rain storm with thunder & lightening & lots of rain came.

I had a bloody horrible nights sleep as my tent is too small really for me & all my luggage I.e helmet & bags etc but have woken restlessly to the tweeting of birds & sunshine. Woo hoo.. Let day 3 begin.

Day 1.

After an anxious pre trip night I was up like a lark at 4.55am as I couldn’t sleep excited thinking about my trip.

After getting myself together, i eventually left home at 6.15am, I had a great trip on my own zooming along the M4 & made good time, I zipped around the M25 until I hit the M26 & Then heard a loud bang & the noise from my little engine quadrupled in volume, I stopped on the hard shoulder to find my moped exhaust had snapped in two.

At 10am I called the RAC who are my chosen recovery provider & after waiting roadside for nearly five hours eventually got relayed to folkstone, however whilst I was waiting I got on Facebook,Twitter & started calling & texting to find a replacement but by luck my travelling companion Staff who I was meeting at the tunnel as he lives in Northants hadn’t left & managed to get hold of a replacement which he brought with him. Once at Folkstone & As soon as we had the moped off the recovery trailer lept into action & replaced it.

All the time whilst red faced & very, very thirsty had some refreshments. Additionally whilst waiting roadside & whilst screaming at the telephone assistants from the RAC Twitter had gone nuts with various people were trying to assist me, green flag lept into action & arrived to help just as the RAC were loading me up.

However after the RAC had seen the error of there ways & pledged £100 for every hour I was delayed. So George Thomas Hospice are now £430 better off so every silver lining after all.

A Super stressful first day & only 230 miles covered in over 10 hours… But not was all lost & we court the later train & managed to ride for another few hours & get 100 miles done in France to get to Saint Quiten where at nearly 11pm found a budget roadside Ibis hotel to bed down for the night…. I just couldn’t face camping after my first day & 17 hours after leaving home.

Tomorrow I’ll have to make the time up & push on.

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