Loyalty Club Card

As a special thank you The Brogue Trader provides our loyal customers with an exclusive Loyalty Club Card where you can collect ‘stamps’ with every pair of full price shoes purchased. Once you have collected 6 stamps, you can claim a FREE* pair shoes!

How does it work?

All you need to do is collect 6 stamps!

You’ll be given a stamp on your Loyalty Club Card for every new pair of full price shoes purchased from us from either one of our retail stores or from our website.

The value of each pair of shoes is collated and after your 6th purchase you’ll be entitled to choose a 7th, FREE* pair to the value of your average purchase price.

Collection of black patent high shine mens shoes on hessian flooring
Collection of mens brown loafers in suede and calf leather on wooden flooring with beige trousers


We are now offering E-Loyalty which is automatically added to your Brogue Trader Online Account.

You must be a registered user to use and have access to your E-Loyalty. From your account you will be able to check to see how many qualifying shoes you have purchased and the total amount you have spent on those shoes (the total price will be divided by 6 to get the value of your loyalty reward).

You are also able to transfer your existing loyalty cards with stamps that you have collected in one of our stores to your online account. By using the Upload section on your account. When you reach 6 pairs of full price shoes you will be issued with a code to use online for the value of your loyalty.

E-Loyalty codes or purchases can only be used online, if you wish to redeem your E-Loyalty in store, please contact our web team and we will transfer this to a physical asset for in store use. Print outs of online receipts will not be accepted in store towards a physical loyalty card.

Here's a quick example...

  • 1st pair value of £295.00
  • 2nd pair value of £195.00
  • 3rd pair value of £345.00
  • 4th pair value of £225.00
  • 5th pair value of £295.00
  • 6th pair value of £245.00

In this example, the Average Shoe Value is £266.66 (£1,600.00 / 6)
Therefore you would receive a credit of £266.66 towards your FREE* pair of shoes

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