Cheaney Factory Repair

This is for payment for a rebuild which is then taken into one of the stores listed at the bottom of this page.

How it works:

Choose the type of rebuild Standard £150.00 (covers most Cheaney shoes) or Imperial £195.00 (For shoe from the Imperial collection only) then choose the store you which to take your shoes into. Once you have paid, simply print off your order confirmation and take it along with your shoes to your chosen store.

While you are in store dropping your shoes off you can arrange for them to be return to the store you have chosen or you can have them returned to you,

We will then arrange for the shoe to be sent to Cheaney.

On arrival at Cheaney, the shoes are inspected and placed on the original lasts. The skilled factory staff rebuild the shoes using new long soles and heels, to the original factory specification. The uppers are refinished as best possible, and new laces are included. Although there are normally no issues in repairing Cheaney shoes, we cannot tell for certain if a repair can be made until the shoes have been examined.

Please note that we will not be able to repair footwear not originally produced by Cheaney, nor can we repair shoes that have previously been repaired by a third party.

Some types of shoes such as boat shoes cannot be repaired; if in doubt please contact us to confirm. Cheaney are taking up to 10 working weeks at the moment.

Standard Rebuild £150.00 (most Cheaney shoes)

Imperial collection shoes £195.00 (For Imperial collection shoes only)

You can find our locations of our stores at the bottom of the page.

Prices from: £150.00