Barker Factory Repair

A pair of Barker Goodyear-welted shoes are made to last and you can prolong their lifespan by restoring the soles through our refurbishment service.

During the Barker refurbishment process your shoes will be put back onto their original lasts for the heels and soles to be removed allowing them to go back through the factory to be re-welted, re-soled and re-heeled.

After the refurbishment has been completed your shoes are cleaned, polished and boxed. The service can take an estimated time of 8 – 10 weeks to complete from receipt (due to Factory Holidays this might be extended up to 12 weeks).

Refurbishments can be carried out on the following collections:-

Handcrafted, Country, Barkertech, Creative and Professional.

Please note that Barker do not accept shoes back for refurbishment if they have previously been re-soled by an outside party.

Please be advised that if your Barker shoes have been repaired three times previously then the next repair will be at your own risk.

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