From Humble Beginnings

Posted on 20th September 2019

Beginning our journey in Wales’ Capital city some six years ago, and whilst continuing to maintain the core values of a family run business, The Brogue Trader has quickly established itself as the go-to retailer for quality footwear throughout the UK.
Stocking a selection of the finest shoe brands, across ten locations nationally, we found ourselves yearning to create ‘something different’ in the shoe arena; a British brand ‘masterpiece’ that could compete in the marketplace, yet offer affordability coupled with bespoke detailing. Brand new in the world of high-quality apparel and unique to The Brogue Trader, Christian James has developed an array of handmade shoes offering a contemporary image with a classic twist.

From the classic brogue to the customised loafer, we have taken the knowledge gained from our time in the industry and set-out to develop a brand of footwear that not only our customers will love, but one that incorporates the finest quality materials whilst boasting a completely handmade finish.

That something unique
Offering a completely bespoke customising process, Christian James also allows customers the ability to ‘construct’ a pair of shoes from a completely blank canvas.
Using state-of-the-art technology, customers will be able to design each element of their shoe; from the laces to the soles, the material to the colour, and anything in between.
Wanting to perfectly compliment your tailoring? Or looking for that statement piece? Simply send us the material and we’ll turn it into your favourite shoe style. Completely made to order, this service incorporates a 30-day turnaround from the date of purchase.

Christian James footwear is offered to our customers exclusively online and will be available in our Cardiff store throughout 2019. As we continue to develop the range, we envisage launching our premium Christian James ‘Black Label’ towards the end of the year.

‘In a world full of trends, remain a classic.’

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