EVA Soles

Posted on 19th June 2020

We hope that you have been enjoying our recent ‘Spotlight’ segments that we have been sending out and hopefully you are finding some useful information hidden amongst our rambling!

Following on from our Sneakers & Boat shoeSpotlight’ segments, today we are going to discuss the EVA sole. This typically white in colour sole (with some manufacturers opting for Black) has become popular amongst British manufacturers in the last 12 months, and after rave reviews from customers it looks like it is here to stay!


EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, which is a plastic that has been created to have rubber like properties, however it is softer and far more flexible than rubber. This allows for easy sole moulding & construction but more importantly an extremely comfortable sole to walk in.

Typically, this sole unit is used for constructing running trainers, but with fashion trends relaxing and people wanting more comfort in their smart attire, this sole has proven extremely popular!

Loake Cobra Tan £155.00


The EVA sole was originally created with leisure activities in mind and we think that’s important to remember when styling.
Denim is an easy go to option with this sole unit, as the casual nature of denim works very well with this sole.
We quite like the suede uppers with washed out denim and lighter coloured chinos, then keeping leather uppers with darker denim.

Loake Mamba in Tan Suede £190.00


All the EVA sole unit types that come from our British manufacturers are goodyear welted, which is exactly the same soling process as our leather & Dainite sole options from these respectable brands. With that being said, when the time is right and you have worn through your shoes and they are due to be resoled, they can be stripped back and an entirely new sole unit can be fitted.

This is the beauty of a goodyear welt and is something you should definitely look for when purchasing your shoes, as you can buy in confidence knowing that when the time comes you can extend the life of your loved shoes.



Talk about comfort from this sole and this is the shoe we’re on about. With minimal stitching in the upper due to the simple design, a derby lace front giving you more room on your instep and with the EVA sole, these will become the smartest pair of slippers you’ll own!

This is one of our favourite shoes from this range, with a simple design and 2 easy to match colour options, it is really hard to find a casual outfit that this wouldn’t work with!

Loake Adder £175.00 Available in Navy suede & Brown Suede.

A great alternative to a sneaker with its casual sole, suede uppers and sleek design, the Madrid is perfect for those who still want to keep true to their smart attire whilst enjoying the comfort of an EVA sole.

Hand crafted as part of a limited edition collection, wear them & become one of the only people with a pair!

Christian James Madrid £159.00  Available in Sand suede.

A remake of the classic Chukka boot style, the Python matches perfectly with denim and really is one of our favourites for casual wear.

With a boot like this, we like a little turn up on the denim to show off what you are wearing on your feet!

Available in Brown Waxy, Chestnut brown or Tan Suede

Loake Python £190.00

From one of the great British manufacturers comes a remake of their age old classic brogue designs. These will definitely stand out from the crowd as the pronounced lip of the sole really shows of the white underside.

We suggest if you’re wearing these, it doesn’t matter what goes above as the shoes are definitely the talking point!

Tricker’s Bourton ‘Lollipop’ Red £395.00

Limited quantities available, get in touch to reserve your size in the next batch!


Until next time, stay safe.

The Brogue Trader

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