Boat shoes – the smooth sailing guide!

Posted on 26th May 2020

After receiving some lovely feedback on our previous Spotlight Sneaker issue, we thought what better time than now, with the weather being so great than to explore the styling of Boat shoes!

A lot of people will think that this type of footwear is only to be worn by sailors and those of a maritime lifestyle, but this is certainly not the case as we are seeing more and more people donning their Boat shoes in favour of other casual footwear items.

And it is understandable why, this easy to wear, casual type of footwear is a great alternative to most casual footwear styles on the market and has a huge flexibility to work within anybody’s wardrobe. So, lets dive in and talk about them.




With summer around the corner and the weather already heating up, it’ll soon be time to get your shorts out of the wardrobe for the first time in months, and what better piece of footwear to partner up with your shorts. They are easy to wear and light as a feather on your feet, so why not leave the Flip Flops for the poolside and pop on a pair of Sebago Docksides when wearing your shorts this year.

Sebago Dockside in brown


They are a great alternative to dress shoes and even better for those who do not want to wear sneakers. Undoubtedly once broken in they will become one of your most comfortable pairs of shoes, and so will be your go-to with easy dress down outfits. Boat shoes look great with shorter length jeans, giving the wearer the chance to show them off.

Loake 524 in brown

Sock or no socks I hear you say?! Well we’re pretty easy going here as we like to let people decide for themselves how to dress, but we would always recommend wearing some form of sock when first breaking in your boat shoes. This will definitely alleviate any rubbing pains on your feet for the first couple of wears. Many people wear ‘invisible socks’ that cut below the entrance to the shoe for the comfort of a sock but the look without! Either way, the ‘socks and sandals’ rule still applies to boat shoes so don’t be caught out!



Here is a list of some of our favourite boat shoes that we have on offer, all tried and tested by us with the TBT seal of approval. These Boat shoes are great quality and even better value.

Sebago Schooner £130.00

This is one of the classics from Sebago and the ultimate boat shoe. In waxy brown this will be paired easily with either shorts or jeans but many have chosen this in the past for their maritime activities too. With nonrusting eyelits that will take the test of time, nonmarking soles that won’t mark the deck and handmade by Sebago, the worlds leading Boat shoe manufacturer you cannot go wrong here.

Loake 528 £115.00

The 528 is a great style and one of our best sellers that brings a bit of colour to boat shoes with its bright white sole. The contrast sole really makes this stand out against other boat shoes.

The is is one of our more casual boat shoes and perfect for your relaxed days in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Loake 522 £115.00

For those of you who want something a little more rugged, this boat shoe with a heavy duty sole is perfect. Its waxed uppers and working eyelets throughout are great for those who want to beat it up a little but also gives the wearer something more substantial on their feet as it drifts away from the more delicate boat shoes shown here.

For a boat shoe that will do the miles, this is it!




Due to the nature of how most boat shoes are worn, be it by the seaside or wearing them to substitue and save your more formal footwear, they can be exposed to the elements. With that being said here are a few easy tips to look after them.


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