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Tricker’s size comparison wide fit

The Size and fit of any shoe will depend on the shape of your foot and what type of fit you yourself prefure, we can only help guide you.

The Last

A “last” is a hard (typically wood, as shown above), three-dimensional form around which your hand-made shoe or boot is constructed.  The shoe manifacture will use different lasts depending on the style of shoe they are creating. The last dictates the shape, proportion, fit and character of the shoe or boot. Some manifactures lasts have been in existence for decades, and their sizes can therefore be non-standard – this is part of the history and character of some of England’s oldest shoe makers. Here, we’re going to help you to determine the correct Size for you according to the last or style of your selected shoe or boot, and the size of your foot.


Men’s Sizing

This last is the Tricker 4444 last, you will need to use the row highlighted in green to compare to other sizing according to your foot length or your known shoe size in your country or region.