Posted on 15th May 2020

I know what you are thinking, Sneakers?! Really Brogue Trader? But please just hear us out. With customer service being one of the key pillars to our business, we see this as our duty to make sure our loyal customers continue to look their best, even when they are wearing their casual wardrobe and what better time than now is there to explore your casual outfit choices. And this is where the right Sneaker can be the perfect footwear item to complete an outfit.



Sneakers are a great mix of unparalleled comfort and casual style, being easily paired with denim jeans. After having tested them ourselves, we would definitely recommend the Loake Sprint as one of our favourite casual Sneakers. With its simple no fuss design, it can easily be paired with both Jeans and Chinos.

Loake Sprint Grey Suede


But what we are noticing more and more is how many people are wearing casual sneakers with Chino trousers and even suits. This bold styling is definitely an indication of where office and work attire is heading, as workplace dress codes continue to relax we think this is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Loake Bannister Dark Brown Suede


Now many of you might be asking, what is the difference between Sneakers or Trainers? Well briefly, Sneakers are designed for casual wear & styling, whereas Trainers are designed to be worn for physical activity such as training, running, jumping etc.



With so many sneakers already filling the Market place its tricky to find the right pair. So here is a list of our favourite styles from manufacturers that we love, and you know you can trust to be of outstanding quality.



Loake Sprint £155.00 – £165.00

Available in 7 different colours including 4 leather and 3 suede options this clean cut, simple design sneaker works effortlessly with everyday denim but can lend itself to the high fashion suit & T-shirt look when needed. A staple Sneaker for anybody wanting to tidy up their casual attire.


Loake Bannister £155.00

This is a new style from Loake this year and it contains a wedge sole, making it more comfortable for walking and practical use. With this in mind it leans more towards a Trainer than the Loake Sprint. The leather version is ideal for those commuting to the office and wanting to dress with a smart/casual approach, however with suede options is a great Sneaker for wearing all day.


Christian James Munich £155.00

Another Sneaker utilising a simple plain design, the Munich is part of a small range of Sneakers that differs from the norm. With bright colours that will catch everybody’s eye, they will make a statement! Handmade in a limited batch, these sneakers are available in Green suede and Brown ‘Forrest’ Flannel.



One of the best parts of casual attire is that it can be a true reflection of one’s personality. You are wearing clothing that you want to wear purely because you enjoy it and there is not a social construct of work, or a formal event where dress codes are in place. And this allows the wearer to express themselves, and what better way to do so than by having custom Sneakers!


We offer a fully Bespoke Sneaker creation service, where you can design the entire Sneaker to your own specifications using our Bespoke Brogue creator where there are millions of combinations that you can make. If you’re interested and want help getting started please visit our website or email.


Going forward we are going to post regular blogs, about a variety of footwear subjects, but if you would like us to discuss something specifically please let us know. We hope you have enjoyed this blog and if you have read this far then thank you for taking the time out of your day to do so.

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