Wedding Season 2023

Are you ready for the Big Day?

The Wedding season is just around the corner, with preparations well under way for the big day. The venue is sorted, the dress has been picked and the cake has been ordered, but the big question is, have you decided on your wedding day shoes?

Well if you’re unsure here are some of our takes on different style you can wear.


Loake Hughes

in Chestnut


A classic style that will last the test  of time. We like Oxfords for those

timeless outfits that will  look just  as great in 30 years time,

as they did today.


RRP £210.00 View Here

Spectator Brogue

Loake Kerridge

in Tan Navy


Wedding’s are a special day, so why  not put on a show with a thought out

outfit paired with a pair of spectator brogues? Navy suits with the

Loake Kerridge are an easy choice!


RRP £199.00 View Here


Loake Hornbeam

in Seared Mahogany


The heat in Summer weddings can  be brutal, so think about your outfit

and try a pair of lightweight loafers to cool off. The Hornbeam would look

great with a tan suit.



RRP £285.00 View Here

Country Shoes

Loake Chester

in Chestnut


For those looking to wear heavier tweeds, corduroy or a classic fit chino, a country shoe worn with a sports jacket is the  ideal  combination for those attending. Subtle, classy and hard to get wrong.



RRP £285.00 View Here


Patent Shoes

Loake Patent

in Black


Black Tie weddings seem to be in  high demand right now, so make sure

you have the right footwear meet the  occasion head on. Patent shoes are

the perfect dinner suit match!


RRP £170.00 View Here

Country boots

Loake Bedale

in Burgundy


For many reasons people prefer to wear boots to wedding,  we’ve heard its for ankle support, it’s something they are used to due to their career but sometimes people just prefer them! So if you’re wanting to wear a boot, go for it! We recommend a wider trouser at the ankle to allow for the trouser to fall over the boot, making sure the trouser flows uninterrupted


RRP £290.00 View Here

We’d love to discuss this in further detail with you, so if you’re getting married, or attending a wedding this year, please visit our store for your complimentary consultation!

Start your Brogue Trader Wedding Experience with just a conversation and we’ll find you the perfect wedding shoe.

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Why Not complete the look

with a matching belt


Loake Henry

in Conker

RRP £80.00 View Here

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