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COVID-19 Update

To our Brogue Trader Family,


Due to the national COVID-19 measures, we will be closing our English stores from November 5th until December the 2nd, with our Cardiff store being closed until the 9th of November due to the Welsh Government ‘Fire breaker’ restrictions.

With that being said, our Scottish stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh will remain open during this period.

Whilst these lockdown measures force parts of our business to close, we are still working online, dispatching orders, and dealing with any of your enquiries.

We have worked hard over the years to create an environment where customers receive great service and feel valued when visiting our stores. This is not something that will ever change, however, to reopen, our main focus will be the health and safety of both our loyal clients and our dedicated team. Where we shall be providing you with a safe environment for all of your footwear needs.

As such we’ll be implementing the following measures to make our stores a safe place for you to shop.

Limited Numbers of Clients

We will be restricting the number of customers allowed in store at any one time and will have clear social distancing markers in place.


Precautions for Handling Products

Clients who wish to handle products will be provided disposable gloves to wear, to limit contact with products on display.


Sanitising Stations in Store

We are providing hand sanitising stations throughout our stores for both our clients and team to use regularly. Team members will be required to wash their hands in between every customer interaction and on arrival into the store. All products will be sanitised after being handled by clients and team members.


Extra Cleaning Rotations

Frequently touched areas such as door handles, seating areas & hand rails will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day and each store will maintain a regular deep cleaning schedule.


Contactless Payments Encouraged

Contactless payments are available in store, with the likes of ApplePay & Android pay having no limits on spending. However if contactless is not an option, we are sanitising all till areas in between every customer interaction.




Unlike the last lockdown, we are very fortunate that our manufacturers are still working throughout this lockdown, so any existing repairs that are currently underway in the factory, will still be seen to and works will still be completed on them. If you would like to enquire about the status of your repair you may do so by emailing for more information.


Whilst these adjustments may take some getting used to, our store team are dedicated to ensure that our customers receive the same high standards of care and consideration you have come to expect from your local Brogue Trader Store.


Until next time, stay safe.

The Brogue Trader

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