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Herring Shoes


Herring shoes were established in 1966, with the aim of providing the best shoes for their customers. For over 45 years they have been fulfilling that aim and they now have an extraordinary range of footwear for you to choose from. With their long history they are able to create their own shoes using the finest handmade english footwear factories in England. Even after you have bought from us, you are assured of the best customer care, including great delivery service, easy returns and a commitment to making you happy.

Herring Shoes as worn by Charlie Boardman The team at Herring Shoes Beautiful colours and materials exclusive to Herring From shoes to boots in all different styles

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  1. Herring Dartmoor

    Herring Dartmoor

    Using their own Herring Tweed, these styles give your weekend wardrobe a country air. Many different clothing types work with tweed, from denim to moleskin. Узнать больше
  2. Herring Sandringham

    Herring Sandringham

    Herring Sandringham is a house shoe made in the unique Herring tweed which is manufactured in the Fox Bros Mill in Somerset. The lining is Burgundy quilted and the sole is full leather with leather heel. Узнать больше
  3. Herring Skull

    Herring Skull

    The Herring Skull slipper is a classic velvet slipper hand made in England. Featuring a luxurious quilted lining and hand embroidered skull they’re not your regular slippers. Узнать больше
  4. Herring Stag

    Herring Stag

    The Herring Stag Slipper is a classic velvet slipper hand made in England. Featuring a luxurious quilted lining and hand embroidered Stag they’re not your regular slippers. Узнать больше
  5. Herring Attlee

    Herring Attlee

    The Herring Attlee is a stylish double monk-strap shoe on the elongated 11028 last for a bespoke feel. Handmade in Northampton, England, they embody the artistry of the English shoemaker. Few shoes are as on trend at the moment as double buckle monks. Versatile enough to be worn with both suits and jeans few shoes have quite the same sense of presence and playfulness as double monks Узнать больше
  6. Herring Chamberlain

    Herring Chamberlain

    The Herring Chamberlain is a stylish quarter brogue shoe on the beautiful 11028 last. What can we say about this most elegant of Herring shoes? One of our new designs, as soon as it was sampled we knew we had a winner. The finest calf leathers are used in the upper as well as the linings, a bevelled edge to the soles give a bespoke appearance. The quiet confidence that comes of effortless superiority, that’s the Herring Chamberlain Узнать больше
  7. Herring Langdale

    Herring Langdale

    Hand made by Cheaney of Northampton for Herring Shoes, the Langdale is a wingtip brogue boot in supple Mahogany grain calf. Solid and dependable with a Dainite rubber sole and 360 degree storm welt, these boots are at their best when the elements are at their worst. Узнать больше
  8. Herring Bodmin II

    Herring Bodmin II

    At Herring we see it as our mission to push the boundaries of great shoe design. The Bodmin II is a classic full brogue combining chestnut calf leather with our unique Herring Tweed. Made in Northamptonshire with Tweed produced by Fox Bros, the last of England’s West Country Tweed mills this is English craftsmanship at its best. Узнать больше
  9. Herring Canning

    Herring Canning

    The Herring Canning is a full or wingtip brogue shoe with a double thickness leather sole and storm welt. In the Gibson style and fashioned on the solid 2003 last, they’re hand made in Northamptonshire, England, using the finest leathers and craftsmanship. Double thickness soles are ideal for those wet winter months. Come rain or shine the Canning won’t let you down. Узнать больше
  10. Herring Coniston

    Herring Coniston

    Coniston is a Brogue boot made from a rich burgundy calf leather and grain combination. The appearance is very similar to Crup. Узнать больше

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