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Dents Fine Leather Goods

Dents Established 1777

Since the reign of King George III, Dents has been crafting and creating the world's finest gloves and accessories. The company was founded in 1777, in Worcester by John Dent (1751 - 1811). John Dent Senior had two sons: John born in 1777 and William born in 1784. Both sons served 7 year apprenticeships which they began at the age of 15. John joined the family business in 1799 and William in 1806.

Dents Heritage Collection is made in Great Britain and highlights the very best of Dents – their most luxurious gloves, handmade in our factory in Warminster, and premium accessories to complement them.

Selection of Dents fine leather wallets Contemporary hats and scarves from Dents Selection of products from Dents An inside look at the quality goods from Dents

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  1. Dents Men's Leather Driving Gloves
  2. Dents Leather Pocket Wallet
  3. Dents Wide Classic Leather Belt

    Dents Wide Classic Leather Belt

    Wide classic leather belt with a leather lining, feather edge, double leather keeper and brushed nickel fitting. Узнать больше
  4. Dents Full Grain Leather Belt
  5. Dents Reversible Leather Belt
  6. Dents Plain Leather Belt
  7. Dents Men's Deerskin Leather Gloves
  8. Dents Men's Leather Gloves
  9. Dents Men's Silk Lined Leather Gloves
  10. Dents Men's Cotton Crochet Back Driving Gloves

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