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Shoe Refurbishment

Shoe Refurbishment

How can I arrange repair/refurbishment of my shoes?

Our factory repair service can be accessed by delivering or posting your shoes directly to us. We will then take care of the whole process on your behalf including returning your shoes directly to the Shoemakers, checking the work on completion and re-packaging and returning to you.

Our Refurbishment Services cost in the region of £65.00 per pair, inclusive of return postage within the UK and VAT. This service covers re-soling on the original last with new soles and heels, fitting new seat socks and re-finishing the upper part of the shoes. In the majority of instance we return the repaired shoes to you within 21 working days excluding any public and/or factory holidays.

Although there are normally no issues in repairing our Shoemakers shoes, we cannot tell for certain if a repair can be made until the shoes have been examined back at the factory.

Please note that we will not be able to repair footwear that has previously been repaired by a third party.

Some types of shoes such as boat shoes cannot be repaired; if in doubt please contact us directly to confirm.

Example of Shoe Refurbishment

To give our customers an example of how some of our shoes are refurbished, we thought you might like to see how just one of our Shoemakers refurbish their shoes.

Let us introduce what is a Cheaney 'refurbishment'?

It goes way beyond what usually happens in a local repairer. Dick who has worked at Cheaney for 40 years shows how the process works in the following video.

He fits them to their original lasts to preserve their shape and fit. He completely removes the old heel, sole, welt and cork, and then follows the re-manufacture of the shoes through the same production line as when they were originally made. The shoes are finally given a complete re-polish and new laces so they are almost as good as new.

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