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  1. Saphir Mirror Gloss

    Saphir Mirror Gloss

    Saphir Mirror Gloss is a blend of: Montan wax, Carnauba wax, Bees wax will bring your shoes up in a fantastic shine in no time at all. Just apply, leave for 10 seconds to dry and then buff for an incredibly quick shine. It is not for everyday use and you should use a quality shoe cream to feed the leather in between applications of this product. It will crack if used on the parts of the shoe that can flex. If you love bringing a high shine to your shoes you will be amazed at what you can do with this. Learn More
  2. Collonil 1909 Creme de Luxe Cream Polish

    Collonil 1909 Creme de Luxe Cream Polish

    1909 Crème de Luxe us the highest grade polish containing cedar oil for the best shine and leather conditioning Learn More
  3. Collonil 1909 Premium Wax Polish

    Collonil 1909 Premium Wax Polish

    1909 Wax Polish is designed to give a long lasting hi-shine to smooth calf and polished leathers. It contains valuable waxes and oils to give the best possible care to the leather. Learn More
  4. Joseph Cheaney Wax Polish

    Joseph Cheaney Wax Polish

    Authentic Cheaney colour matched shoe polish. With no silicone to retain the natural shine of the leather. Learn More
  5. Collonil Mini Polish

    Collonil Mini Polish

    Instant shine siliicone impregnated sponge. Wipe all over the shoe to give a bright finish to the leather. No polishing required. Learn More
  6. Saphir Cream Polish - 75 ml

    Saphir Cream Polish - 75 ml

    Saphir Cream Polish is uniquely formulated to produce a soft matte patina while providing deep nourishment and recolouring. Because Saphir's Cream Polish contains a high concentration of pigments and nutrients, we recommend using cream polishes every time you polish your shoes. Then, if you want to make more of a statement with your shoes, you can use the wax polish on the toe box where a gloss finish shows up best. This cream polish is especially effective at recolouring faded, scratched, or scuffed leather while providing deep nourishment of the leather to maintain overall leather health and prevent cracking. The unique formulation of Saphir Medaille d'Or Cream Polish allows the use of a greater variety of waxes (more than seven), shea butter, all-natural pine-based turpentine, and high-quality pigments to make this cream polish the best and most effective you will ever use. It is guaranteed to produce an incomparable patina while protecting and maintaining the overall health of the leather. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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